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 We are overwhelmed with the positive reception from the community as well the success of the gallery overall. In 2013 we featured the work of over 300 artists and had have over 1,200 visitors. We would like to thank everyone involved including artists, residents, volunteers and staff who work so hard to keep it in shape. We hope our success continues into 2014!

Here is an overview of all of the gallery's exhibitions since it opened in September 2012, until December 2013. To read about what we have planned for 2014 click here.

 Love Acton Exhibition (October 2012)

love acton old

Going back to our first exhibition of September 2012 'Love Acton' local artists were encouraged to embrace their representations of our area whether old or new. The exhibition was a continuation of the Acton 2012 Carnival theme 'Love Acton' which was a real hit with the locals. We had a great number of proposals and this exhibition was particularly important as it marks our first. Works included old Victorian photographs, paintings, t-shirt designs, canvas', drawings, postcards and crafts for sale. It was a fantastic way to celebrate our community but also have a timeline of memorable events.


RETHINK Exhibition and Debate (October 2012)

On November 1st, Rachel Pepper and Steve Flynn of Acton Community Forum hosted an open meeting to present the exhibition where the exhibition’s creators, David Buckingham and Adrian Morrish, explained the inspiration behind their work. RETHINK is a visually arresting piece which, as the title suggests, asks those who view it to consider the way in which the Acton Regeneration Co Ltd are planning to redevelop the Oaks Shopping Centre on Acton High Street. The current proposal is to have a mix of new retail units, underground parking facilities and housing in the form of a singular, eleven storey tower block. Pedestrian access will be via a covered walkway with entrances on Uxbridge and Churchfield Road. The exhibitors are not opposed to redeveloping the site but question whether the proposal, in its current form, will be the most effective way to bring change to the locality for current residents, local businesses and future investors. This event was particularly important in addressing the regeneration plans for the Oaks and giving residents a chance to really see how the changes can affect them and therefore project their concerns and views.

Momentum- Celebrating Black History (November 2012)

Diaspora images135.1This exhibition was a memorable one with powerful pieces laced with strong messages. Momentum was an exhibition that celebrated Black History Month where various groups and artit from varying cultures and backgrounds took to W3 and displayed their talents. Artists showcasing their work include Alexander Burke, students of Twyford High School, Cheryl Burke, Bollo Bridge Youth Club, Mohammed El-Haddi, Marcia Kay Ellis, Jermaine McLeod, Fergus Quinn and the renowned photographer James Barnor.  Moreover, there was a panel discussion held by Film maker Mohammed El-Haddi  about his documentary “Take Care” which addresses the complex issues surrounding the care of those with dementia, and photographer James Barnor discussed his professional life and personal involvement in historical events in Ghana, from colonisation through to independence.The opening night saw guests enjoying great live music with a wecoming and joyous atmosphere to celebrate a day of such momentous historical value. This was a stand out exhibition at W3 and we were pleased with the reception from all.

 Affordable Arts Exhibition (December 2012)

Jessica.Rose resizedThis exhibition showcased quality art for affordable prices timed perfectly for the Christmas time. There was a variation of art forms from paintings, small crafts, jewellery, fine art printed and handmade cards. This exhibition was also linked to the Acton Christmas Fair on the mount and saw some of the pieces sold at affordable prices making great gifts for under £100. The walls were bursting with colour and imagination which inspiring the casual visitor to explore their inner artist. The Affordable arts Exhibiton always has a mass number of guests, with over 60 artists exhibiting we also welcome a great number of guests. This exhibition will return on the 5th December and we hope to see more people coming along to get quality art for great prices.


Sentience (January 2013)

5. 94 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 120 cm1

Here is an exhibition which explores the nature of animal consciousness and its relation to our own, the correspondences and differences. The paintings use the forms of geometry and pattern as an analogy for the inter-connectedness and unseen, subtle order that underlies what we see of the world. It counters the idea of a hierarchy of the importance of species, suggesting instead an equal value and significance to all living things, despite huge variation of size and type of intelligence. or this solo show though, he is concentrating on his talents as a painter. He here presents an exhibition of paintings that asks serious questions about the way we treat animals and our wider environment in today's society. This was an insightful exhibition and fused nature with art to send convey a message of respect and appreciation for our surroundings. 'Sentience' was a great exhibition and Mark presented work of the highest quality. 

Contrasts (February 2013)

Jan Lee Johnson Pam

Contrasts was interesting as it used a range of mediums to produce artistic pieces. From ceramists, painters, water colourists, printmaker's, photographer's and iPad artists, Contrasts had it all. This exhibition has been initiated and organised by a local fine artist Pamela Garnet Lawson. Pam has worked as a scenic artist for different theatres and for television (BBC) and films. In recent years Pam has concentrated on her painting producing work in oil, water colour, pencil, charcoal and pastel. She has developed a unique and provocative style of painting and drawing, which fuses the symbolism and atmosphere of 16 and 17th century masters with her modern day passion and insight. She will be exhibiting some of her works during Contrasts exhibition as well. The visitors to the gallery were diverse, from youth groups, to local residents and young children all were welcomed to a captivating exhibition. Workshops were set up for those interested in iPad art where they were given a tutorial on how to make their own designs.

Gender Agenda- International Women's Day (Febuary/March 2013)

Try me JewelThis exhibition celebrated the woman and the work exhibited held powerful and thought provoking messages that challenged the stereotype. Pieces ranged from charcoal drawings, canvas designs, poetry, photography and designs sewn on to a cloth. It was strong in representing the issues women face in life and challenges the institutions that have a one dimensional view. On Friday 8th March there was a spoken word event where four young women created and performed their own poetry speaking out against controversial topics such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and gender based violence. There was also a presentation about FGM with a discussion following lead by FORWARD representative Saria Khalifa which put into perspective the level of violence women face in modern society. To end the night there was soothing music from performer Bumi Thomas bringing a sense of camaraderie to such a thought provoking event.


"The Future We Want" Exhibition (March)

tim poster 2This exhibition was lead by Neighbourbood Youth Worker Tim Owen and members of his youth group, who expressed their inspirations and the future they desired through dimensions of art. There were interesting pieces with contrasting images visualising the future and adulthood. There were a range of artforms from paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, fine art and canvas designs. We were really pleased with the effort invested by the youth of our community as it truly expressed the existing artistic talents. The main piece was the interactive image of the earth where individuals can comment on the future they visualise for themselves, this was a nice addition that rounded up the exhibition nicely. We always encourage young people to get involved in the arts and we are pleased to see them interested in the gallery as they as helped us greatly through the Love Acton Carnival and various events in the local area.



Acton Film Festival (April 2013)

FILMMLocal film makers in Acton presented their short films and documentaries at the W3 Galley. It was interesting to explore the dimension of film where footage documented as far back as the 60's was presented. It was an enjoyable occasion with over 40 guests attending with a different film screened each night. Notable films included " South Acton Adventure Playgound" , "Take Care" and "Ladybird, Ladybird." These films are available on YouTube if you are interested.



"You've Been Framed" Exhibition (May 2013)

resized ybfMore than 40 artists were provided with the same frame and asked to interpret it in their own unique way this resulted in an incredible art exhibition in a wide range of mediums. The exhibition attracted some well known artists such as Nick Reynolds, Teddy Baden and the Treatment Rooms Collective and curated by Carrie Reichardt. There were some great 3D designs (Left) with masks and ceramic designs included in the mix. This exhibition raised the artistic talent to a new bar and we were honoured to have so many well known artists exhibit their work. The opening night attracted over 60 guests and we were delighted by the response we received from them, coupled with some live music, refreshments and light entertainment.




Celebrating Sanctuary (June 2013)

celebrating sancA celebration of refugee week through art was the idea behind Celebrating Sanctuary. he W3 gallery and Acton Arts Forum in partnership with ARK present Celebrating Sanctuary, an exhibition of selected artists representing and interpreting experiences of exile.  The exhibition communicates the challenges and misrepresentations and raises greater public awareness about the realities of forced exile through artistic expression. Dr Amar Sabri Ahmad  describes his life and work as follows: “I see my present situation as an opportunity and obligation to mediate between different cultures and habits of thought.  I firmly believe that art (in all areas, and in the broad sense), is the language that can bring people and their planet to peace.” The mixed medium exhibition including calligraphy, textiles, sculpture, paintings, film expressing social issues, inequalities and the experience of displacement.  The exhibition features the work of Dr Amar Sabri Ahmad, Ana Louis, Antolin Leria, Aruna Reddy, Asmahan Alkarjosli, Danielle Loisel, Ekaterini Koliakou, Hassan Aljarrah, Maria Kutait, Marta Teresa Welnowska, Maryla Podarewska Jakubowski, Saadeh George, Sayagh Said, Sheila Moylan, Sheldon Greenberg, Yasemin Omer, Janine Volossevich and art created by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ethnic Minority Women's Group.



Mas Transformation (June 2013)

MAS TRANS WEBTaking Mas out of its usual context of carnival and into different arenas the Mas Transformation exhibition can be found at the W3 gallery during June and July.  The exhibition examines Mas as a ritualised form and an expression of identity.  These concepts underlie the audio, visual and performing expressions from selected artists.  There  events included the opening with live music; Mas camp experience; and ‘Play Mas’ at Acton Carnival.  The Mas Transformation poster was also used as the t-shirt design for the Metamorphosis theme at the Acton Carnival. The opening night saw 50 or so guests with mediums including drawings and masks to embrace the masquerade theme.  We were lucky to have an opening event with live musicians to entertanius with soothing reggae and jazz and light snacks and refreshments throughout the night.  Mas transformation ended the carnival fever on a high note and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.




The Art Collective (July 2013)

 art collectThe Art Collective started in 2010. A germ of an idea that developed between Matt Coulam and Lynda Elson who both wanted to bring together artists with and without disabilities to work alongside each other in an environment of mutual support and creativity. They were lucky enough to be offered a working space in the Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre in exchange for making pieces of artwork for the centre and the surrounding park. They were soon joined by Sarah Fraser and later by Judith Pepper-Cox working as support artists and over time 10 to 12 working artists.The collective does not have ‘staff’ or ‘service users’ – we are all artists producing high quality pieces of work. Some artists provide others with practical support, but we all have an equal say when it comes to decisions about our artwork and decisions about how the collective works. We were pleased to exhibit some of their works at W3 with pieces ranging from paintings along with cards, prints and framed work and there were great card sales and prints as the pieces were priced modestly.



"We Are W3" Volunteers Shoh

resizeddddVolunteers staff this local gallery, and they will be displaying their talents and passions in a curated selection of their woks.The main drive is to show thought provoking material and provide a space for creative expression and discussion, so some works shown may be quite challenging. We need the community to engage with us for the W3 Gallery to thrive and already have an active team of volunteers.The volunteers' exhibition will be diverse as our volunteers span ages from 21 to 65+ and they embody a wide range of cultural influences from dynamic Spanish sculpture to traditional English landscapes.Joanne Davies, a Local Artist and Volunteer at the W3 Gallery comments "For me the gallery offers people a space to step out of the everyday, an opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary. Even if you pop in for 5 minutes you may engage with a piece of work that strikes a spark and opens up a new perspective for you. Equally you may come in and enjoy the beautiful colours and shapes, relax and breathe in some creative inspiration. Having space for reflection is sacred, and it is great that the W3 Gallery is right on the High Street.


Grow Your Own Exhibition (August/September 2013)

grow your own posterThis exhibition featured the work of 20 local artists who have explored the Green theme in diverse and interesting ways. Using a variety of mediums including ceramics, wood, photography and painting the work examines environmental and ecological themes, whilst some focus on the Harvest Festival.  The exhibition was certainly worth a visit. A taste of the art can be seen through local artist, Kira Brabenec, who works with ceramics and mixed media.  Her large ceramic pot celebrates the theme of growing your own, allotments, nature and the love involved in growing and nurturing plants and people. Also featured is Angela Easterling, who has developed a unique style of photography. She has created her own technique having been influenced by the work of Nineteenth Century photographer Fox Talbot and the botanist/photographer Anna Atkins. Her images are created without the use of a camera.Each image is dependent upon exposure, light source, humidity and, most importantly, the combination of the organic materials employed and the sensitised paper.  When combined with contemporary chemicals the plant materials generate their own particular aura of colour. 



Photographic Exhibition (September 2013)

photographic exhibition

Thursday the 19th of September saw the opening of the photographic exhibition at the W3 Gallery. Led by one of the oldest photographic societies in Britain, the Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society, the exhibition displayed many captivating and impressive art pieces from different artists. The opening soiree was a delightful start and the closing soiree on the 6th of October was a fitting ending to a brilliant exhibition.




'Footprints: A journey through time' (October 2013)

d1From 11- 27 October, W3 Gallery hosted 'Footprints: A journey through time', an exhibition organised by Descendants. The exhibition had a brilliant openinig event on the 11th, with entertaining performances by Young Holtz and YSB. The project commemorated different cultures and their histories, and was a great part of our Black history month celebrations.




'Riot here, Riot now' (November 2013)


The 'Riot Here, Riot Now'  exhibition at the W3 Gallery was a highly popular and engaging show. The exhibititon displayed colourful and politically charged art work that used a variety of craft media such ceramics, sewing and metalwork. As well as viewing the exhibition, people were also able to purchase some of the artpieces on show. This was a unique and memorable exhibition that we are pleased to have hosted!



'Affordable Art' (December 2013)

affordable art 1In December we hosted the Affordable Art exhibition 'Small size, small price' which had a common theme of locally produced art that is affordable. It featured the work of 50+ local artists, which ranged from jewellery and craft to T-shirts and cards. This exhibition was a brilliant opportunity to buy thoughtful, unique and reasonably priced Christmas gifts, and offered an exciting display during the festive season. A perfect ending to an eventful year :)