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Acton Arts Forum has developed in the following ways:

  • Continuing development of better communications, marketing & promotion of arts in Acton and beyond
  • Continuing development of the Gallery’s income generation and sustainability
  • Developing artists’ professional practice & development
  • Developing ways to measure our social and economic impact

Acton Arts Forum role includes:

  • Networking and brokering
  • Creative partnerships that address community cohesion and civic renewal
  • Cnnual arts exhibition and performing arts festival

Our objectives are:

  • To serve as the cultural and artistic focus for organisations and artists in the Acton wards of the London Borough of Ealing and surrounding areas,
  • To foster and promote, maintain, improve and advance the arts in Acton, in particular, the recognition, encouragement and
  • Development of the cultural and social heritage of Acton’s diverse community, and
  • To improve public access and the provision of training, skills sharing, cultural exchanges and to inspire celebration through
  • Participation and learning.

If you want to join us or exhibit your work in our gallery please contact us

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