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Acton Homeless Concern

More than 8,000 people were sleeping rough in London last year, a 7% increase over the previous year. Acton Homeless Concern is one charity offering...

Public & street arts: We are responsible for much of Actons public and street art including 2- & 3-D work such as Home on The Rec, the South Acton... Show more

Creative spaces: Managing the W3 gallery with 49 exhibitions, hundreds of creative events, hundreds of artists involved, thousands of visitors... Show more

Community cohesion: Events that bring diverse communities together such as Acton Carnival; & Projects that tackle serious issues creatively such as... Show more

A taste of what we do….
Community participation: Delivering engaging community arts such as the Acton heritage themed projects. Working in schools,...
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ARTification logo design deadline 24th October! Last call for Logo Submissions. Public vote on the shortlisted designs via our website & social... Show more

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State of the Arts Conference III NEXT Saturday 29th October at 5 pm at the Everyone Active Acton Centre (Acton High St, London W3 6NE). Key note... Show more

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Citizen 20:20 workshops underway... Thought provoking discussions & reflections on identity & memory. Looking forward to more next Saturday...

Tomorrow at 1pm at Bollo. Citizen 20:20. Looking forward to what promises to be a personal & community creative journey. Hope to see you there!

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Rachel shared a photo. 7 months ago

Citizen 20:20. What promises to be a personal & community creative journey exploring identity & culture. Hope to see you there! Limited places... Show more

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Just 2 days to go until Saturdays South Acton Party for All. Thanks to all, in advance, for contributing to what promises to be a good day for all... Show more

The word ARTification is an active & dynamic word evoking how people do or make works of art. ARTification is simultaneously symbolic, material and... Show more

At our recent Special General Meeting in July, Acton Arts Forum proposed and agreed to change the name of Acton Arts Forum to ARTification. The... Show more

We are looking for Trustees with specific skills and expertise to join us at Acton Arts Forum. If you have something special to offer and would like... Show more


Interview with Street Artist ATM talking Birds, Acton and a Show at the Ben Oakley Gallery | Inspiring City on WordPress.com

We are sitting in Mary's Cafe!  It's the sort of place that Alan Sugar would be proud.  The sort of place where the losing team…

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'The Story So Far' - Ealing film

'The Story So Far' - Ealing

'The Story So Far' is a partnership project between Ealing Council, Cultural Community Solutions Ltd, Acton Arts Forum and the local arts sector...

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Debating the State of the Arts at Saturdays conference...

Interesting discussions & great presentations at the State of the Arts II conference. Thanks to all for identifying the priorities, continuing the... Show more

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